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- Frequently Asked Questions -


Thumbnail Ostrich leather handbag1. How do I purchase an ostrich leather handbag or wallet from this site?

All you have to do is choose your preferred color, and if specified, the color of the hardware. All our products are custom made to order and on average the manufacturing lead time is around 4 weeks.


Thumbnail Ostrich leather handbag2. What are the differences in the types of ostrich leather?

The characteristic quill or feather sockets of ostrich leather make it very easily distinguishable as one of the most sought after and luxurious leathers in the world. For the ultimate in status the handbag or wallet should be made in "Full quill". This is when the front and rear are completely covered in quill.  The gussets and handles may have leather from the smooth part of the ostrich skin or areas with smaller quill. This is totally acceptable. "Half quill" or "semi quill" is the term used to describe an ostrich leather product made with the front covered in quill and the rear may only be partially or half covered covered with quill. Using less of the premium quill area allows us to produce ostrich handbags or wallets at a far lower cost to the consumer.


Thumbnail Ostrich leather handbag3. Should I be concerned if a new ostrich leather product has small lines or blemishes on the surface?

Ostriches are bred in a wild and natural enviroment and markings such as scars, insect bites and small wrinkles are natural charcteristics of genuine ostrich leather. This is an indication of the authenticity of the leather, and should not be considered a defect. Actually, it should be considered a "mark" of true genuine ostrich leather.


Thumbnail Ostrich leather handbag4. Why can the price of an ostrich leather handbag vary so much?

The biggest cost component in the creation of an ostrich leather bag is the leather. The better the grade and the higher the quality of the ostrich leather used, the higher the cost of the final product. Also, with ostrich leather, depending on whether the item is made in Full quill or Half quill, it will have a great impact on the overall status and as a result its price. More premium leather is used to make a Full quill handbag, hence, it costs more than a Half quill ostrich handbag.


Thumbnail Ostrich leather handbag5. How can I care for my ostrich leather handbag or ostrich wallet.?

Contrary to popular belief, leather actually reuires very little care or cleaning. Should the need arise to clean your ostrich leather product, we recommend wiping it with a dry, soft white cloth, free of detergent. We do not recommend any type of chemicals or conditioners. Oil stains should immeditely be sprinkled with talcum powder. Allow to stand and brush off excess when dry.

Simply protecting from dust, and cleaning up spots when they occur should help keep your handbag looking good for its expected life. Please remember that leather is a natural material that can change its appearances as it ages. Take care to store your handbags in the cloth bags provided and keep them away from light, both natural and artificial as well as direct heat and dust. Ink will permanently mark the ostrich leather.

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